In collaboration with Professor Kris Neely and local artisan Lynn Rhodes, Peter B. Kay designed a mixed media art installation in the Montgomery Music Building's exterior courtyard which ran from May until October of 2014.  The installation was designed to be different each time a person visits: the music (see below) evolves as the tracks are played in an interlaced randomized sequence over 6 months, shifting between consonances and dissonances; the unprotected, untreated sculptural elements were left exposed to the natural elements, weathering and decomposing as the installation progressed.
The Music of Circumpliance

The music of Circumpliance is made-up of 88 unique stereo tracks, that comprise over 4 hours of non-repeating audio. Using the random playback feature on three separate 2-channel digital audio devices, the music plays continuously for the duration of an installation. Because of the exceedingly high number of permutations possible, the resulting music will almost assuredly be unique with each visit to an exhibit site.  Below is an excerpt of one possible combination of these tracks.